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About Us.

Yango is a dynamic and entrepreneurial media and communications agency operating within the fast paced and rapidly evolving media and technology space. Yango fuses media with technology to deliver great results for our clients. It’s an exciting place to be and we love what we do. We are passionate, hard-working and encourage new ideas and entrepreneurial thinking. At Yango you will be at the forefront of innovation in the industry, we will provide unlimited opportunity and support to be at your best and develop your career. Explore our website to learn more

Role Overview.

This position is a role within the Product stream and one that will become a management position within the core team of the business. Day to day, you will work with the Head of Product & Business Operations and the rest of the product streams to deliver a high performing product offering. This role will encompass product development, implementation and management of organic search and content campaigns, managing clients, and moving forward – managing a SEO and Content team. You will also assist the wider team across strategy, campaign management, training/education, and assist with upskilling them across SEO and Content.

This is a fast paced and dynamic role, where you will be constantly learning and growing. As part of a high-performing team, you seek to deliver excellence in all that you do and are surrounded by like-minded individuals. You will be relied upon to be a role model for more junior staff and exhibit behaviours which assist in their development.

Role & Responsibilities.

• Work with the Head of Product & Business Operations to drive the development of SEO and Content products, including positioning (including point of differentiation), justification, viable commercial modelling, required collateral, best practice, processes, reporting, etc.; Manage the continued development and evolution of these product(s) in market, ensuring that they remain relevant and on the cutting edge of the industry.
• Contribute to the creation of a strategic activation plan and best practice implementation rollout plan for these products. Contribute to cultivating any collateral required to activate these product(s) both within the business and the wider market
• Assist with product planning and roadmap development.
• Contribute to developing and maintaining Yango’s partner/technology relationships in the SEO and Content space – ensuring relevant information, upskilling and onboarding of partners/technologies is delivered on to the wider team, into updated collateral/credentials, and through to clients on a regular basis.
• Assist with the regular assessment of the partner/technology relationships used across the business and ensuring that these are still viable in market, assist with exploring new opportunities in market to advance the Yango SEO and Content stack and the business. Work collaboratively with these partners to develop positive outcomes.
• Assist with the development and delivery of training programs and collateral to upskill the client streams.
• Contribute to the development of case studies and industry award entries for successful client campaigns.
• Actively understand and assist with attaining relevant industry qualifications for your position and the business, ensuring that these remain current and applicable to the market.

• Leads/Contributes to client meetings when necessary, always arriving promptly on time.
• Effectively communicates with clients to generate positive outcomes, working with the team to co-ordinate a streamlined response.
• Manage the creation and execution of SEO and Content marketing campaigns – including auditing of existing activity, creation of strategies and project plans based off findings, delivery and execution of strategies and projects in line with plans, ongoing reporting. and communication with all stakeholders. Ensure that work is delivered consistently and to the highest standard.
• Manage the creation and delivery of SEO and Content strategy to clients, ensuring that you’re working in a collaborative manner with the client solutions streams where applicable.
• Manage the ongoing analysis of SEO and Content campaigns, including the development and delivery of reporting/results
• Ensure that clients are consistently serviced to the highest standards, facilitating regular check-ins, and reporting back any important communications to relevant parties.
• Assist in the development of responses to brief, creation of presentations and best practice documents, such as campaign strategy development, proposals and post-campaign reports.
• Assist in the delivery of responses to brief, proposals, presentations, etc. to clients.
• Assist in the education and training of clients, as well as the provision of technical support where required.

• Demonstrate the Yango values – “What’s the +1?”, Agile Learners & Doers, Taking Care, Simplifying the Complex.
• Actively participate in the +1 University training program, learning and developing new skills in the process.
• Work in collaboration with the Client streams and the broader Product streams to deliver on shared objectives.
• Demonstrate usage and adherence to agency processes and tools, including the correct usage of brand templates and the agency response framework.
• Actively work to broaden your knowledge of the media landscape, as well as other Yango products and services.
• Contribute to making Yango a better place to work through participation in agency initiatives relating to talent, culture, collaboration and quality work output.
• Demonstrate role model behaviour and assist in the growth and development of your team.
• Manage your direct reports to deliver on their day-to-day duties, as well as support and collaborate with the wider business.
• Ensure that you are communicating effectively within your team, with your manager, and across the business.
• Provide guidance and coaching, growing and developing your direct reports via training, onboarding and development plans, and specialised instruction.
• Work with your direct reports, as well as the Head of Product & Business Operations and the Performance Director to deliver a consistent and high-performing product offering across the business. Ensure that your direct reports are strongly contributing to this.
• Assist the Head of Product & Business Operations and the Performance Director with the development of business processes to improve efficiencies.

• Assist with strategic planning on clients to ensure continued growth of existing and new clients. More specifically, identify opportunities to grow existing clients, and use these to grow client’s spend, product portfolio, and positive relationships with clients
• Ensure that you are familiar with client fee structures and carrying out tasks with this in mind.
• Assist with ensuring that any partner/technology contracts and agreements are within Yango guidelines, approved by the appropriate parties, and are of favourable terms to Yango.
• Support in the delivery of commercial targets across the business.
• Contribute to the proposal of cross-sell/up-sell opportunities across clients

New Business
• Supports on new business pitches as and when required.
• Work to support Yango’s internal marketing efforts where needed.


The following KPIs are the minimum requirements of this role. Your line manager will work with you to tailor bespoke KPIs that address your individual learning and development needs.

• Contribute to the development of at least 1 x case study per quarter, and at least 1 x award entry per year – working collaboratively with key stakeholders across the business.
• Contribute to the development/evolution of at least one aspect of the SEO and Content product per quarter. This may include the development of positioning (including point of differentiation), justification, viable commercial modelling, required collateral, best practice, processes, reporting, etc.
• Assist with the delivery of at least one training and development plan that aims to upskill the team on an aspect of the SEO and Content product per quarter.
• Assist with updating the product roadmap with progress on one product at least once per quarter.

• Ensure all client documents are of a quality standard and delivered prior to agreed deadlines
• Demonstrate the development of positive working relationships with clients and partners.
• Assist the client streams with client communication (including meetings, presentations, education, etc.), contributing to and leading this where necessary
• Lead the development of SEO & Content strategy, auditing, and recommendations where required.
• Manage the delivery of SEO & Content campaigns, ensuring that these are delivered to best practice standards.
• Assist the client streams with developing client strategies and responses to brief, contributing to and leading this where necessary.

• Embodies the Yango values – “What’s the +1?”, Agile Learners & Doers, Taking Care, Simplifying the Complex – and in doing so inspires others through the demonstration of role model behaviour for their team.
• Attends 90% of +1 University training sessions.
• Actively participates and presents in all group training assignments.
• Assist with organising at least 2 training sessions for the wider team per quarter.
• Work with the Management Team and Performance Director to develop and deliver business processes to improve efficiencies..
• Assist in improving the culture of the business.
• Manage the learning and development of your team, guiding and supporting them to achieve their KPIs.

• Ensure that you are actively tracking SEO and Content hours delivered and revenue within the business, updating the Head of Product & Business Operations at least once a month.
• Actively manage scoping and resourcing of projects to ensure consistent delivery of hours within parameters. Provide at least 3 examples per quarter of how you have done this.
• Support in the delivery of at least 1 proactive organic growth opportunity/proposal per quarter.
• Contribute to driving positive commercial outcomes across the business.

New Business
• Provide at least 1 example of how you have contributed to new business each year.


• This is a position which involves managing people and being a role model within the business. Generally this would require a minimum of 3+ years of relevant experience.
• Knowledge of current media and communication trends, with a strong understanding of SEO and Content and how this might apply to our agency as well as our clients’ business.
• Demonstrated ability to manage projects.
• Ability to deliver on SEO and Content projects involving both on-site and off-site elements.
• Demonstrated ability to collaborate and work well as part of a team.
• Good communication skills, both written and verbal.
• Strong mathematical skills, with ability to understand commercial models, revenue, and billings.
• Developing the ability to manage a team. Growing and developing them by creating bespoke development plans and delivering constructive feedback.
• Awareness of product development processes and frameworks.
• Ability to assist in managing external relationships with suppliers, stakeholders, etc.
• Advanced understanding and use of business software, such as Microsoft suite (particularly Excel) and Google Docs.
• Strong experience in industry tools and technology, including but not limited to auditing tools, keyword tracking software, etc.

Expectations of You.

• Dynamic and proactive, you bring positive energy and a can-do attitude to your role.
• Intermediate presentation and communication skills with the objective of being able to successfully communicate your opinion with key stakeholders both internal and external.
• Well organised with strong attention to detail and numeracy skills.
• Demonstrates a keen interest in our industry through participation in learning and development opportunities, including those offered by the IMAA.
• Effective time management skills, with the ability to manage expectations of turn around times (both internally and externally) and prioritise tasks based on business importance.
• Focused on continual self-development, actively seeking constructive feedback and modifying behaviour if required.
• Maintains client and business confidentiality, with an understanding of the appropriate information sharing boundaries.
• Manage, grow, and develop your direct reports – putting their wellbeing before yours.
• Basic commercial and business acumen, with the ability to occasionally relate factors in these areas to business outcomes.
• Demonstrate intermediate levels of emotional intelligence, connecting and supporting your team and clients.
• Basic ability to influence people outside of your direct reports, generating positive outcomes – navigating the complexities of different teams and structures to deliver on business objectives.
• Ability to support client/new business presentations.
• Intermediate project management skills.
• Strong strategic, analytical, and creative problem solving skills.
• Seek, deliver, and accept constructive feedback while acting on opportunities to improve.
• Intermediate conflict resolution and decision-making capability in a changing commercial and people environment.

Salary & Benefits.

TBC based on candidate

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