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A note to mid-market business; Don’t get caught in the middle of the digital revolution.

If you run a mid-market business there’s a good chance you’re already feeling the impact of the digital revolution.

The digital revolution does not discriminate, major corporations and fledgling start-ups face the same challenges you do. But the concerning news for many mid-market companies is that unlike the major corporates, they don’t have easy access to capital to invest in new technology or to hire the specialised staff required to implement an effective digital transformation. Whilst start-ups have the agility and flexibility to change easily, agility is something that is not always easy for us in the mid-market.

The fact however is that change is inevitable. Many manufacturers have learned this the hard way and the retail sector is now facing similar challenges. It won’t be long before most other sectors follow suit.

We describe this as being advertising ready .

Things like SEO, content strategy, analytics, conversion process and optimisation (CRO) and measurement are key fundamentals to check off and ensure best practice processes are in place before paid media investment. You you may already have these fundamentals in place, however it doesn’t always mean they are being done well or could not be done better. We recommend an audit of your current set up to ensure you meet best practice standards before committing to any significant media investment. Once you have your digital marketing fundamentals in place with clear goals and measurement, it’s then time to hit the media button and grow your business through new customer acquisition.

A critical factor in effective media activation is having access to the right data about your customers, along with the ability to implement it effectively. The right data gives you insights into what prospective customers are looking for and the experience they want. Yango can help you harness, organise and deploy your own customer data and give you access to complementary sources and bring it all together to make your campaigns more effective.

We know that all of this can sound overwhelming and we believe that the bewildering array of options out there are one of the key reasons many mid-market organisations hesitate when making real steps on their transformation journey. Over many engagements we have learned how to deliver projects that generate tangible benefits quickly while keeping an eye on the long-term prize.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. We’ve helped some highly respected mid-market businesses on their transformation journey, one step at a time. Let us do the same for you.

We are constantly amazed by the complexities marketing leaders face transforming organisations into data driven, customer centric businesses. We are here to help our partners make media and customer acquisition work within this context.


Nick Murdoch, Head of Marketing


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