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Beachwood Furniture

Making Waves with Sales

The Problem

Beachwood Furniture is a boutique furniture store in NSW, offering custom-made, handcrafted furniture. As a small business, it faced high competition from larger furniture retailers, which have higher brand awareness and more internal resources for advertising. Additionally, the market also posed challenges – with drastic and continual increases in interest rates, and high inflation driving up the cost of living, consumers were cutting back on non-essential expenses, impacting retailers’ sales and revenue figures.

To break through the noise and the competitive landscape, Beachwood Furniture turned to Yango for support to build their market share.

The Insight

Yango recognised that sales are a key time to push advertising in market, especially given Beachwood Furniture’s high price point and how consumers were becoming more price-conscious in the existing economic landscape. From their experience with other retail clients, Yango knew the combination of Social and Search worked together to build awareness, capture demand and drive action during sale periods.

The Solution

Beachwood Furniture ran an Easter Sale. Its objective was two-fold: drive in-person warehouse sale attendance for those close to the store, and online sales for those out the area. The Warehouse sale offered up to 60% off selected products, while the online store offered 10% off site wide. Both offers were amplified through a paid media Easter campaign to maximise awareness and drive action.

Event Ad

Link Ad

Search Ad

The Execution

In line with their insights from other client campaigns, Yango recommend Meta and Search – Meta to build interest and engagement, and then Search to capture demand generated.

On Meta, using a lookalike audience of their existing customers, Yango amplified the sales message to high value prospects – those who are more likely to purchase furniture. Yango also tested this against a general interest audience of those interested in furniture and furniture brands.

To create hype and momentum ahead of the Easter long weekend, Yango ran ‘coming soon’ ads in two different formats: link and event ads. The link ads directed users to a sale landing page, which confirmed the warehouse sale details such as the event location and time. The event ad format confirmed this information on the ad itself so users did not have to leave Facebook or Instagram, creating a more seamless user experience. The event ads also included an ‘ínterested’ button, giving Yango a way to measure how many people were actively considering attending the event.

The Results

Site traffic over the sale period increased significantly, with users rising by 151% and new users rising by 155%. Almost 40% of the users and new users came from the Yango Easter campaign.

Yango also delivered key insights for future activity for Beachwood Furniture, to drive long-term value beyond the sale. Yango found the lookalike strategy drove a CTR 59% higher than the interest strategy, reflecting the value of using 1st party data to reach new, valuable prospects.

Furthermore, both the link and event ads had their benefits, with the link ads driving a 50% higher link click-through rate than the event ads, therefore they were better at encouraging users to click away from the content they were currently consuming. The event ads drove a 43% higher overall click-through rate, meaning they drove more overall engagement – including likes, comments and shares.

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