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Record sales week for Furniture retailer

A completely unexpected and unprecedented result. Majority of the sales were to people who have never entered a DeDeCe store before, all up an immense success


Bradford Gorman

Principal at Design Communication Associates

The Problem

DeDeCe is a high end retailer of beautifully crafted and enduring furniture and lighting from designer brands such as Minotti, Knoll and Paola Lenti. DeDeCe sales are a rare event, meaning the week leading up was a key time to engage with our audience and get them in store.

The Insight

Customers of DeDeCe tend to buy designer and luxury labels and have a high disposable income. We know this audience is more likely to live in inner city suburbs.

The Solution

We utilised Google Affinity segments to raise awareness and drive customers in store as these segments allow us to target people based on their specific interests as they browse pages across the web.

The Execution

We targeted people 35+ across Display, who are considered luxury shoppers, home décor enthusiasts or affluent spenders who are interested in upscale luxury interior furnishing and have a high disposable income. We focused activity around Sydney Metro based on store locations and where our audience is most likely to be residing.

The Results


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