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Prunelax Relaunch: Cutting Through The Crap

We went with a bold creative concept to relaunch our brand in Australia, so we needed a bold and progressive media strategy to bring it to life. The Yango team was a valued partner through the process, we saw strong results and they are always easy to work with


Donna Jacobson

Marketing Manager at Actor Pharmaceuticals

Prunelax is a naturally derived laxative product looking to relaunch the brand in the Australian market.

We discovered in our pre-campaign survey, the laxatives category is dominated by a few key brands– Laxettes, Metamucil, Coloxyl, Movicol – all of which have high top of mind awareness and are well-established.

To increase awareness of the brand and break-through into this saturated category, we ran a multi-channel digital campaign with a series of humorous (and slightly controversial) videos around the idea of relief – going against the typical dry, informative ads used for pharmaceuticals. These were run nation-wide across YouTube, BVOD, Pre-roll Video, Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

The video campaign was also supported by static images across Display advertising, Facebook and Instagram, as well as search advertising.

After three months in market, Prunelax’s brand recall showed improvement, with a 6% increase in people who had un-aided awareness of the brand. Brand likeability improved by 7%, demonstrating how humorous advertising can generate positive sentiment. Additionally, the improvement in awareness drove stronger consideration of the brand – there was an 8% increase in people who would consider purchasing Prunelax next time they shop for laxatives.

Search interest in Prunelax rose by 130% over the past 12 months.

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