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Giving Unibet a competitive edge.

In the world of online gambling, it’s tough to stay on top.

Unibet is already one of Australia’s favourite interactive gambling platforms, offering everything from sports betting to online poker. The internal Unibet team constantly work to enhance the user experience – but they wanted to collaborate with Yango to fine tune their acquisition and performance marketing strategies. With so many competitors investing heavily in this space, Unibet knew they needed to be smart about how they connect with customers and were seeking some specialist support.

We added our strategic muscle to Unibet’s already strong team.

Working to support their very capable internal team, we began by conducting a thorough audit of Unibet’s current technology stack and performance marketing strategy. We knew that a lot of great work was already being done, so our goal was to augment and enhance this, rather than re-invent the wheel.

Our key goal for this project was to increase conversions (classified as new account opens), so we set up a combination of highly targeted strategies to achieve this. These involved:


  • Raising awareness of Unibet membership offers using standard and high impact display in relevant online environments.
  • Engaging potential members via social, through strong creative and compelling brand stories.
  • Driving conversion through retargeting, enhanced search, direct response and promotional offers.

Thanks to our collaboration, membership is on the up & up.

Executed in a series of ‘always on’ bursts over several months, our carefully chosen combination of strategies worked together to produce the optimum results Unibet were hoping for. Not only did we see an incremental increase in first time deposits, we also saw registrations and subsequent deposits increase too. It’s a great example of what happens when a strong internal team joins forces with Yango!

Yango has worked collaboratively with our internal team to achieve success, together with partners like Yango we can achieve much more than we could alone. The team is great to work with and we really appreciate their expertise in the digital performance space.


Julian Timmins, Head of Marketing & Operations


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