Managing and optimising campaigns across all digital channels, multiple programmatic technologies, online publishers, and data sources can be tricky – which is why with the help of Rubii; we can drive greater campaign performance and return on media investment.

How Rubii works for you.

Rubii works like a sophisticated funnel. It brings together campaign insights and generates campaign intelligence from digital channels, programmatic technologies, publishers and data sources in real-time.


For our team, Rubii has been a game changer, enabling us to take advantage of real-time data and insights across all digital channels into one single platform. It automates the digital and programmatic process and generates campaign intelligence to allow our team to spend more time optimising campaigns and servicing our clients. For our clients, it allows you to manage all your digital media channels with one partner, increases campaign performance and greater returns on your digital media investment.

Our tech partners

Rubii has been built in such a way that it allows for the continuous addition of new digital marketing and programmatic technologies that come into the market. It is already compatible with a huge range of leading programmatic and digital technologies such as Google’s AdWords, DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager; Facebook Instagram, LinkedIn, The Trade Desk, Amobee, Oath, Sizmek, SpotX, AppNexus, Integral Ad Science (IAS), MOAT and DoubleVerify and host of third-party data providers and programmatic exchanges.

With all these technology options available, it means we can customise digital marketing solutions for clients in any sector, regardless of what their situation, challenges or goals may be. With Rubii, the entire world of digital media is yours to enjoy.


What can we do for you?

If you have a campaign to run or challenge to solve, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch and leave your details, or feel free to call us direct.