To get results online, you need more than just the right media – you also need to have the right digital media foundations in place. From SEO to analytics, Yango can help get these essentials established, setting you up for ongoing success.

Consultancy & digital strategy

Your digital media strategy will generally be part of a bigger picture – and at Yango, we can help you determine exactly how this piece fits into the overall puzzle. Our strategic consultants specialise in helping clients determine what role digital media needs to play, and how success will be measured. We can also make sure that your digital media activities integrate seamlessly into your broader strategy – taking into account things like DMP integrations, customer data strategy, technology audits and planning for the future. With a clear strategic direction across all levels of your digital marketing plan, you can execute with confidence at every stage.

SEO & content strategy

Our approach to technical SEO and content strategy is designed to help you rank more highly in organic search – and of course, get more site visits too. We always begin by doing a series of audits to see how your brand is currently performing, and where you have scope to improve. From there, we come up with a strategy that will give you visible results as quickly as possible, while also setting up your web properties for future success. Over time, we keep a close eye on your progress, and refine our strategy accordingly. Search algorithms are always changing, so a good SEO strategy needs to be just as dynamic!

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Adserving & tagging

While some businesses prefer to do this internally, many find that outsourcing adserving and tagging saves considerable time and hassle. Yango can help you set up and manage all your online tacking and tagging via third party providers such as Google DoubleClick, Google Analytics and Sizmek. Thanks to our ad server DCM (DoubleClick Campaign Manager), we can streamline traffic to all your media touchpoints, ensuring that all ads are verified – and gaining a clearer idea of what’s actually working for you.

Creative development

From minor tweaks to end-to-end campaigns, our team is on standby to help with creative development whenever (and however) you require. We know that no one ‘gets’ your brand better than your own team, so we take care to make the creative process a collaborative one – generating ideas that will help you stand out for all the right reasons.


If plenty of people are visiting your website, but not enough are following through to purchase, enquire or make a booking, it might be worth considering conversion rate optimisation (CRO). This process involves building a strong testing framework where we can develop and execute different testing hypotheses – giving you data-based insights into what triggers people to convert. From there, we can make strategic adjustments to your website to turn more casual visitors into loyal customers.

Auditing & benchmarking

Not sure how well your current set-up is working? An audit is often the best place to start – after all, the last thing you want to do is change things for no good reason! Yango can carry out a thorough audit of all your digital activities, or we can take a look at one specific part, such as SEO, paid search, social, technology or media performance. Not only can an audit help us identify your strengths and weaknesses, it can provide a benchmark from which to measure your future success. It’s also handy to see how you measure up against your competitors!


Data isn’t much use if you can’t interpret it – and this is where Yango’s analytics service comes in handy. We can help you to collect, analyse and report all sorts of web data, transforming sets of numbers in to meaningful insights. If you’re considering making any changes to how you do things, or even just launching a new campaign, analytics can tell you what the impact has been, and help you make more informed decisions.


When it comes to measurement, we believe in starting by asking what matters to you most. Are you after conversions? Or is customer engagement the name of the game? It’s only by understanding your goals that we can develop metrics that are meaningful to your business, and give you visibility over the things that really count.

We utilise technology such as tag management tools, analytics platforms, ad servers, statistical significance calculators, and attribution modelling tools – all with the goal of building a comprehensive view of your online ecosystem. With this knowledge, you can clearly see the impacts of your initiatives, and work towards the objectives that are most important to you.

What can we do for you?

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