When it comes to digital media, the options can be seemingly endless. At Yango, we make things simpler by recommending the options that will work hardest for your brand, based on what you want to achieve. After all, no two campaigns are ever quite the same.

Paid search

While it’s one of the foundations of a good digital marketing strategy, paid search (SEM) is something that not everyone does effectively. At Yango, we’ve developed a paid search solution that we believe is second to none – one that’s built around the user, and uses highly detailed segmentation to target audiences with relevant content. As well as driving great results, our approach also allows us to shift budget to the areas that work best, enabling us to drive more traffic at a lower cost.


An enormous number of people spend an enormous amount of time on social media – and for brands, paid advertising on these platforms can be a great way to engage with your audience. Yango can help you choose the channel that will work best for your brand, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Snapchat. Plus, we can even target audiences according to demographics, interests and location, which helps to maximise your reach and conversion rates.


The display ad has been around since the advent of the internet, and it’s still a powerful, cost-effective way to drive awareness, engagement and ROI. Through Yango, you can access premium display options across a wide range of leading programmatic media buying platforms and publishers – and because of our propreitary technology Rubii we will place the display ads in environments that will work best for you. We also work with the main third-party platforms (integral Ad Science and MOST) to ensure brand safety and ad-verification across all display campaigns. Along with standard display ads, we also offer billboard, high impact, and rich media options.


If you ever felt like an ad was following you everywhere, chances are it wasn’t your imagination – it was probably due to retargeting. When this strategy is done right, it can be one of the most effective ways to connect with customers and win them over. The secret is keeping your brand visible, but not overdoing it! At Yango, we pride ourselves in getting this balance just right, creating retargeting campaigns that get the job done, without annoying anyone along the way.


Now one of the most popular forms of content amongst consumers, video makes it easy for consumers to learn and engage with brands. Through Yango’s premium video advertising services, your brand’s video can be seen across a broad range of publishers including Channel 7, 9, 10, SBS, Foxtel, YouTube and Facebook. Whether consuming content across connected TV, desktop, tablet and mobile we will make sure your ads will be seen. Our sophisticated optimisation platform Rubii ensures performance, brand safety and video viewability.


As the name suggests, native advertisements blend in naturally to their surrounding environment, so they feel less ‘ad-like’. This understated approach can be extremely effective, achieving around 10 times the click-through rates of standard display ads – plus, native advertising is a great way to connect with customers in an environment that’s relevant to what you’re offering.

Email & lead generation

If you’re looking for a really direct way to convert customers, Yango’s email lead generation strategies can be a smart (and cost-effective) way to do it. With our help you can tap into a database of over 9 million ‘unincentivised’ Australians, targeting your message to those who are interested in what you’re offering, whether it’s real estate, finance, education, travel or retail. We offer different pricing models (cost per click, cost per lead/enquiry, cost per sale) and can even wash your data to remove any duplicates.


The beauty of mobile advertising is that it allows you to reach your audience anywhere, anytime – and in today’s world, where 80% of Australians own smartphones, that’s a pretty big advantage. At Yango we can work with you to develop a mobile campaign that speaks to your desired audience whenever and however suits them best – whether it’s via an app, social environment, or online publisher.

We can even use hyper-local geo-targeting to reach audiences within metres of a specific destination, and can also target specific types of devices (Android, iOS, mobile, tablet). In-app and website inventory are also available.


An affiliate marketing program can be a great option for those who want control over their marketing spend, as it works on a fixed cost per acquisition (CPA) fee. That means you only have to pay for the new customers you actually acquire and can prevent any wastage. At Yango, we work with a number of well-known affiliate networks and publishers and have achieved great results for our clients through these partnerships.

What can we do for you?

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